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…when you grow up… June 7, 2009

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America is the land of opportunity.  If you work hard enough, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.  Decide what you want, set your goals, work hard, and it’s only a matter of time before you’re living your very own American Dream.

So what do you want to be when you grow up?

I still have no clue.  Luckily for me, I’ve decided the whole notion is a giant crock of bullspit.

First, lets stop pretending we have this beautiful level playing field of opportunity.

Secondly (and slightly less sourly), the idea of choosing one’s destiny is impractical.   It implies that one knows all one’s choices, which simply isn’t true.  I didn’t dream about being a bank operations manager as a child.  I didn’t know the job exisited, which makes it difficult to work into my grand plan.  But more than that, I never would’ve guessed it would be such a great fit.  The world encourages people to choose industries that fit them, not specific positions; I easily could’ve missed my position if I’d gotten hung up on fears that banking may  not be right for me.

Thirdly, life is unpredictable.  Births, deaths, relocations, love affairs, divorces, bubonic plagues… shit happens.  And while that list is pessimistic, I think there’s greater danger in sticking too closely to one’s plan and missing out on wonderful surprise opportunities.

Most of all, many great things exceed all planning possibilities.  The tendency for small, easily ignored nuances to snowball into life-altering, world changing forces is one of my new favorite things.  And, incidentally, one I plan to blog about quite a bit 🙂


Leading by Example June 5, 2009

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I recently had a conversation with my counterpart and our branch manager about whether employees were losing respect for our authority.  Punctuality was our hotbutton issue, which we agreed to address at our monthly meeting.  I mentioned that we needed to be extra impeccable ourselves to underscore the point.

“What!” my counterpart said.  She clearly thought I was being ridiculous. “They have to be on time.  We don’t have to be as strict with ourselves because we’ve earned it by earnin our positions.”

I was baffled.  I believe that setting an example was the basic foundation on which all leadership is built.  How can a manager seem credibile to her employees if she can’t meet her own basic expectations?  Moreover, why set expectations at all if they aren’t important enough to fulfill yourself?  Failing to lead by example, in my opinion, simply amounts to hypocrisy.

That said, we live in a society where rank earns priviledge,  so perhaps my view is naive and outdated.  What say ye?


Why I Blog June 3, 2009

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When I started my post-college (“real”) job-search, I shied away from the business world.  I thought it was too competitive, cutthroat.  Not creative enough.  Soul-crushing.  Cliche, the easy way out.

So naturally, that’s where I landed.  And to my surprise–but apparently nobody elses (which surprises me even more)–I’m thriving.  I constantly feel myself adapting to the challenges of my workdays, and I already feel like one year in the “real world” has begun to transform me into an actual working professional (gasp!).

Two things about me that have never changed: I think too much, and I love to write.  I also know I have onlookers.  These people are eager to support, rubberneck, advise,  criticize, and commiserate with me.   Onlookers, thinking, and writing seem like a natural recipe for a blog.

So read along, enjoy (or don’t), and COMMENT!