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Why I Blog June 3, 2009

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When I started my post-college (“real”) job-search, I shied away from the business world.  I thought it was too competitive, cutthroat.  Not creative enough.  Soul-crushing.  Cliche, the easy way out.

So naturally, that’s where I landed.  And to my surprise–but apparently nobody elses (which surprises me even more)–I’m thriving.  I constantly feel myself adapting to the challenges of my workdays, and I already feel like one year in the “real world” has begun to transform me into an actual working professional (gasp!).

Two things about me that have never changed: I think too much, and I love to write.  I also know I have onlookers.  These people are eager to support, rubberneck, advise,  criticize, and commiserate with me.   Onlookers, thinking, and writing seem like a natural recipe for a blog.

So read along, enjoy (or don’t), and COMMENT!


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