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…should I stay or should I go? July 26, 2009

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I have the opportunity to apply for a promotion, and I have my superiors support and encouragement.  The position would reduce my commute and keep me in a safe neighborhood.  It would put me one promotion away from being a branch manager.  Most importantly, it would send a clear message that I’m serious about advancing within the company and developing my career.

One thing is stopping me: I don’t want to leave my current position.  I have legitimate concerns about the new opportunity (which I’ll blog about soon), but mostly I’m hesitant to give up what I already have.  I LOVE going to work in the morning.  My coworkers and I make a great team: we exceed goals, roll with changes, and genuinely enjoy working together.  Personally, I find my job challenging but not overwhelming, and a nearly-perfect fit for my personality.

I’m currently indecisive.  Do I advance and risk unhappiness, or stay and risk stagnating?  What is the value of short-term happiness over long-term improvement?  What says I couldn’t be as happy at the new job–or happier–than I am now?

I hate making decisions.