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Project Change: Frustrations November 30, 2009

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Another month down.  We sucked up our sales goals.

Co-managers are afraid of getting fired for not hitting our minimum standards.  I understand that the risk of getting put on performance probation is very real.  I understand that losing one’s job is scarier for them–people in their 50’s and 60’s–than for my twenty-something self.

But where’s the practicality it worrying?  In talking about how well we did back in March and April?  In soliloquizing how the company “never used to be this way”?

Move forward.  Strive for improvement.  There’s no point in focusing on the things we can no longer control.

I’m not frustrated because we’re not making goals.  I’m frustrated because my coworkers are so ready to stagnate.

Secondly, I’m frustrated because we’re improving.  Legitimately, measurably improving.  But it’s the subtle, across-the-board improvement that has yet to show up on the company radar.  Rather than miserably  failing  to even approach goals, we’re now just barely missing targets.  Not great, but it counts.

It counts.  We CAN do this.  What surprises me is that my counterparts have a harder time getting on board than my direct reports.


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