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The Filthy Rich Personality January 29, 2011

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Is your long-term financial security linked to your personality? Jeffrey Strain thinks so.

I spend more time than I care to admit, but rarely does an article tickle my brain for days after I read it. Strain’s asserts that specific behaviors have less to do with successful money-handling than do certain personality traits (patience, satisfaction, organization, discipline, reflectiveness, creativity, curiousity, risk-taking, goal-orientation and work ethic).

I think Strain’s analysis is brilliant. I only want to expand it in two points.

First, not everyone wants to be filthy rich. I think most of my customers would settle for security coupled with the occassional indulgent purchase or vacation.

Second, it’s all about balance. For Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson risk-taking was a virtue. For the friends of Bernie Madoff, not so much. Likewise, there are plenty of incredibly creative people with brilliant ideas, but who lack the business acumen to make anything of these ideas.

Personally. I’m anything but a risk-taker. The irony is that I’m too satisfied with my life to care!


One Response to “The Filthy Rich Personality”

  1. johnsojb Says:

    It’s interesting. I read through the majority of your recent posts and find that much of what I’m reading is about how you very much would love to move up the corporate ladder at the bank. This sentiment is then mixed with what I can only categorize as uniquely sound financial, social, and business advice. This blog illustrates that you have attained in your early womanhood a sense of self that many a great thinker struggled with throughout their entire lives. The blog also shows that you have ingrained somewhere inside of you an understanding of the ever-changing nature of your ‘self’.

    That being said I have also noticed a sense of cynicism in how you view the corporate world, and I love it. As a woman put in such an environment this cynicism is easily understandable.

    Anyway, I like it a lot. Keep it up.

    And for christ sake, whether or not your scared of risk taking, that shit is cool sometimes. I dare you to take a risk this week that you wouldn’t normally take. Might not work out, but it’ll feel good anyway.

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