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Leading by Example June 5, 2009

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I recently had a conversation with my counterpart and our branch manager about whether employees were losing respect for our authority.  Punctuality was our hotbutton issue, which we agreed to address at our monthly meeting.  I mentioned that we needed to be extra impeccable ourselves to underscore the point.

“What!” my counterpart said.  She clearly thought I was being ridiculous. “They have to be on time.  We don’t have to be as strict with ourselves because we’ve earned it by earnin our positions.”

I was baffled.  I believe that setting an example was the basic foundation on which all leadership is built.  How can a manager seem credibile to her employees if she can’t meet her own basic expectations?  Moreover, why set expectations at all if they aren’t important enough to fulfill yourself?  Failing to lead by example, in my opinion, simply amounts to hypocrisy.

That said, we live in a society where rank earns priviledge,  so perhaps my view is naive and outdated.  What say ye?