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Workday Secrets November 15, 2009

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Each Saturday night I browse Postsecret before turning in for the night.  I loved this gem:

postsecret shred

It made me smile.  It also made me ponder my own work-related secrets:

1) My “personal drawer” at work contains several types of tea, lip balm, lotion, and backup hosiery.  It also houses a bright-pink first-grade-style schoolbox containing gel pens and ten Crayola washable markers, a Dunder Mifflin stress ball, five lollipops shaped like flowers, two matchbox cars, and a copy of every award, thank-you, or certificate I’ve earned at my company.  These things simply make me smile.  It also contains five random pieces of Orbit spearmint gum just because they make the drawer smell nice and fresh.

2) The fax number on my business cards is incorrect.  I could fix it, but who cares?  People shouldn’t send surprise faxes anyway.

3) I intentionally get to work earlier than all my coworkers.  This isn’t so much about getting a jump on my workday or making a good impression, but rather because I like twenty minutes to drink my coffee in peace.

4)  I went into this job thinking it would tide me over until I could support myself as a writer, because writing was my greatest joy and talent.  I love becoming a businesswoman more than I ever could love being a writer.  Each day corralling my staff is a greater challenge and more fulfilling creative endeavor than any prose I’ve ever authored.

5) I’ve yet to find even one woman in the business world whom I truly admire.  I’m not sure whether this is telling about my company, the strength of my network, or my personal values.  It’s probably telling of all three.